Current Teaching @UNO

  • Spring 2017

    CSCI 6990: Mining and Analysis of Large-scale Networks (Advanced Topics of CS)

    I designed and administered this advanced graduate course that introduces and applies advanced concepts and techniques of large-scale network (graph) analytics to solve real-world problems in myriad disciplines.

  • Spring 2017

    CSCI 3301: Computer Organization

    I taught the following concepts: processor and multicore design, performance evaluation, instruction set design and implicit parallelism, data path design and pipelining, control structures and microprogramming, memory management, caches, interrupts and I/O structures, parallel processing, GPU, and so on.

  • Fall 2016

    CSCI 1205: Object Oriented Programming with C++

    I taught basic and advanced concepts of Object Oriented Programming and the language C++. The course stressed on the application of the aforementioned concepts to solve intersting computational problem.

Prior Teaching

  • 2012 2011

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept. of CS, Virginia Tech

    Courses: Computer Organization II, Object Oriented Programming

  • 2011 2009

    Lecturer of Computer Science

    Ahsanullah University of Science and Tech. | University of Info. Tech. and Sciences | Prime University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Courses Taught: OOP, Design and analysis of Algorithms, Design Pattern, Database, Computer Interfacing.