Core Courses

CSCI 1583 - Software Design and Development I - introduction to object-oriented software development using Java : Syllabus (PDF format)

CSCI 2120 - Software Design and Development II - continuation of CSCI 1583 : Syllabus (PDF format)

Newly Developed Courses

CSCI 4631/4631G - Principles of Computer Graphics : Syllabus (PDF format)

CSCI 6631 - Advanced Computer Graphics : Syllabus (PDF format)

CSCI 4650 - Introduction to Competition Programming : Syllabus (PDF format)

CSCI 4660/4660G - Fundamentals of Game Development Syllabus (PDF format)

CSCI 4665/4665G - Advanced Game Development

Secondary and Elementary Outreach

UNO-CIBS - Computers in Biomedical Sciences