Shaikh M. Arifuzzaman

Shaikh M. Arifuzzaman is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans (UNO). He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. Dr. Arifuzzaman's research interests are in Data Science at Scale/Big Data, Parallel Algorithms, Applied Machine Learning, Network Science, and High-Performance Computing. He is particularly interested in data science problems arising in big social, biological, infrastructure, and finanacial systems by designing scalable algorithmic methods, HPC techniques, and machine learning models. He emphasizes on the computational/algorithmic foundations of data science by developing theory, tools, and techniques required for extracting meaningful insights from large-scale, complex, real-world data sets. In general, Dr. Arifuzzaman's research focuses on scalable computation for interdisciplinary scientific problems involving large datasets. At UNO, Dr. Arifuzzaman leads a research group on big data and scalable computing.

Professional Positions

  • Present 2016

    Assistant Professor

    University of New Orleans,
    Computer Science Department

  • 2019 2019

    Visiting Faculty

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Computational Research Division

  • 2016 2011

    Ph.D. Researcher

    Virginia Tech,
    Network Dynamics & Simulation Science Lab

  • 2014 2014

    Summer Researcher

    Sandia National Laboratories,
    Data Science & Cyber Analytics Dept.


  • Ph.D. 2016

    Ph.D. in Computer Science

    Virginia Tech, Dept. of Computere Science

  • B.Sc.2009

    B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Tech. (BUET)

Recent News

  • April 2020
    Paper accepted in ScaDL 2020 Workshop (Scalable Deep Learning over Parallel And Distributed Infrastructures) with IPDPS 2020.
    Data Parallel Large Sparse Deep Neural Network on GPU. More info on the workshop: Thanks Safrin for co-authoring the paper.
  • April 2020
    Faysal defended his Master's thesis. Congratulations!
    Faysal has been working in my lab on project related to graph mining and parallel/scalable algorithms. He will continue pursuing his PhD under my supervision. Good luck!
  • Dec 2019
    IEEE BigData Conference 2019 in LA, CA: Won IEEE Brain Data Analytics Challenges competition, presented multiple papers, co-organized BigGraphs Workshop
    Happy to lead our team "BDTigers" to The 1st Place (Championship) in a Big Data Cup Challenges competition in the 2019 IEEE Big Data Conference at Los Angeles, California. This was a data analytics competition organized by IEEE Brain Initiative, namely Brain Data Bank Challenges and Competitions. More info on the competition: Further, we had three papers to present on problems involving graphs and machine learning (thanks and congratulations to my Ph.D. students Md Abdul Motaleb Faysal and Naw Safrin Sattar for their papers). Moreover, I co-organized a workshop on large-scale graph mining (BigGraphs 2019), which was also very well-attended and appreciated by a diverse audience.
  • Dec 2019
    Paper published in ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD)
    Shaikh Arifuzzaman, Maleq Khan, and Madhav Marathe. Fast Parallel Aglroithms for Counting Triangles in Big Graphs. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD), Vol. 14 Num. 1, Pages 5:1--5:34, ACM, 2019. Thanks to my co-authors!
  • Nov 2019
    Attending SC19 at Denver: Serving the Best Poster Judging Committee
    I'll work as a Supercomputing mentor and judge for the best poster presentation. Safrin will present our work-in-progress paper in PDSW Workshop.
  • Nov 2019
    Multiple papers accepted in IEEE BigData Conference 2019
    Congratulations to Faysal and Safrin for three papers! The papers are on stochastic block partitioning, parallel InfoMap algorithm, and predictive analysis on webgraphs.
  • Sept 2019
    Multiple papers accepted in DependSys19 Conference
    Congratulations to my co-authors Joseph, Costain, Janak, Elias, and Mahdi! The 5th International Conference on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud, and Big Data Systems and Applications (DependSys 2019), Guangzhou, China, November 12-15, 2019.
  • May 2019
    Visiting Faculty (Summer Fellow) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Spending Summer 2019 with Performance and Algorithms Research Group (Computational Research Division) at Berkeley Lab. Safrin has joined with me as my Ph.D. intern.
  • April 2019
    Congratulations to Safrin, for defending her MS thesis!
    I supervised Safrin's MS thesis. She has been working as a Graduate Research Assistant in my big data and scalable computing research group. Congratulations on her MS!
  • Feb 2019
    Awarded College of Sciences Internal Research Grant
    On an exciting work on machine learning and graph analytics!
  • Jan 2019
    Awarded Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) Award by ORSP/UNO
    The award was announced during its annual Achievements in Research, Creativity and Scholarship (ARCS) awards ceremony. Link: 2019 ARCS Awards.
  • Dec 2018
    BigData'18 at Seattle! Co-organized BigGraphs Workshop.
    Presented a paper, co-organized (co-hosted) BigGraphs Workshop, chaired a session on BigData Algorithms and Applications. Link: 2018 IEEE Big Data Conference.
  • Dec 2018
    Invited Talk at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Presented my research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Nov 2018
    SC'18 at Dallas! We participated, presented, and volunteered.
    We presented in PDSW-DISCS Workshop in SC'18. Safrin served as the Student Volunteer for SC. I worked as an SC Mentor. I was delighted to have interacted with so many young enthusiastic SC students. I also took part in the Early Career Workshop. Link: 2018 The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.
  • Nov 2018
    Our paper on distributed community detection is accepted in Software Challenges for Exascale Computing (SCEC'18) Workshop, to be held in December in Delhi, India.
    Congratulations, Safrin! Safrin is also awarded student travel award sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Link: Second Workshop on Software Challenges to Exascale Computing 2018.
  • Nov 2018
    Our paper on network (graph) visualization is accepted in BigNet Workshop 2018 at 2018 IEEE Big Data Conference.
    Congrats Faysal! Conference to be held in Dec 10-13, 2018, Seattle, WA.
  • May 2018
    Co-organizing BigGraphs Workshop 2018, to be held in conjunction with 2018 IEEE Big Data Conference.
    Fifth International Workshop on High Performance Big Graph Data Management, Analysis, and Mining (BigGraphs 2018). Organizers: Nesreen Ahmed, Shaikh Arifuzzaman, Mohammad Hasan, and Kamesh Madduri. Dec 10-13, 2018, Seattle, WA.
  • March 2018
    Serving as the Publicity Chair of DASC 2018 conference. Also, organizing GraphCom 2018 Workshop.
    The 16th IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC 2018), 12-15 August 2018, Athens, Greece. I am also organizing a workhop on large-scale graph computation- GraphCom 2018, in conjuction with the above conference.
  • Feb 2018
    Journal paper on analysis of PPI networks submitted
    Extended version of our conference paper on PPI networks. With Bikesh Pandey (CS, UNO).
  • Jan 2018
    Awarded UNO research grant for multidisciplinary research
    Co-Principal Investigator, High-resolution Human Connectome Network Analysis (PI: Dr. Elliot Beaton, Psychology; Co-PI: Dr. Vasil Roussev, CS).
  • Aug 2017
    Our paper on mining protein-protein interaction networks has been accepted at IEEE DataCom 2017
    Co-author: Bikesh Pandey (CS, UNO). The 3rd IEEE Int'l Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing. Conference date: Nov, 2017. Orlando, Florida.
  • Jun 2017
    Serving Technical Program Committee of BigGraphs Workshop (to be held with IEEE BigData 2017)
    This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different paradigms solving big graph problems under a unified platform for sharing their work and exchanging ideas.
  • April 2017
    Awarded Louisiana Board of Regents (BoR) 3-yr RCS Grant

    PI: Shaikh Arifuzzaman
    Year: June 2017- June 2020
    More to follow...

  • Jan 2017
    Awarded College of Sciences internal grant for multidisciplinary research
    Proposed project: Scalable Mining and Analysis of PPI Networks. This will be a short-term project with an expected duration of 6 months.
  • August 2016
    Joined UNO as an Assistant Professor of CS
    I joined the University of New Orleans as an Assistant Professor of CS from Fall 2016. I moved to New Orleans-- a unique city with music, foods, and much more!
  • July 2016
    Defended my Ph.D. dissertation
    The title of the dissertation is "Parallel Mining and Analysis of Triangles and Communities in Big Networks."
  • 2015
    Paper accepted in IEEE BigData 2015
    A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Counting Triangles in Graphs using Dynamic Load Balancing, with Maleq Khan and Madhav Marathe.