UNO-CIBS - Computers in Biomedical Sciences (Secondary and Elementary Outreach)

NOTE: the scenario put together for this presentation as well as much of the data are imaginary, but the techniques are real - it was developed so the student would be able to follow a narrative through a number of different computational techniques in biology and chemistry. The techniques used and their application is the focus of this presentation.

Powerpoints for DNA sequencing (Dr. Christopher Taylor)


Powerpoints for Protein Structure I (Dr. Christopher Summa)

download PDF

Alpha Helix Example Structure download

Mixed Alpha/Beta Example Structure download

The structure of the "ubiquinase repressor" download

Powerpoints for Genetic Network Analysis (Dr. Dongxiao Zhu)


Protein Structure II (Dr. Christohper Summa)

The structure of the "ubiquinase" download

Powerpoints for Drug Design / Docking (Dr. Stephen Rick and Dr. David Mobley)